Why a Timber Framed Home is the Right Choice in the Modern Era

Timber framed houses have been in use for a long time and are becoming increasingly in vogue. There are many advantages to buying or creating timber framed houses and understanding the advantages associated with these homes can help you to understand if it is appropriate for your needs. Of course, to understand if timber framed homes are right for your needs, it is a good to explore other alternative construction options.

Understanding the Alternatives

There are many different options for home construction. Home are increasingly prefabricated in factories and transported to their ending location where their walls and structure are erected. These homes are referred to as modular construction and are quickly built. Many homes are constructed with steel or concrete beams, and are stronger structures as a result. Steel and concrete homes tend to be more expensive to build and often aren’t as energy efficient as timber homes. Increasingly, alternative materials like PVC is being used to construct new homes. While PVC homes are more affordable to construct, they have a very plastic look to them and have a life of no more than fifty years.

Long Term Durability and Appearance

There are timber homes in existence that are centuries old, even dating to the 17th century. While the color of the wood changes with time, the look of these homes is timeless and hasn’t gone out of style. Timber frame homes are easy to modify and can be adjusted as time goes on with extensions, so that they can meet the growing needs of your family.

Affordable and Easy to Transport

Timber is light and easy to transport. The light weight of timber does not impact the durability of these homes once drywall and siding are placed on it, but it does make it easy to erect. The light weight of timber also means that it can be built in a factory and then transported to the construction site, which helps to lower the cost. Since timber is so easy to work with it can be modified on the construction site with little problem.

Environmentally Friendly

While timber comes from trees, and cutting down trees is not a positive environmentally, timber can be used from sustainable sources and often proves to be less wasteful than other alternatives. This is partially because it does not require significant processing before being used in construction. Timber is good at providing insulation to your homes, as it is a natural insulator, and therefore often saves on your future heating and cooling costs, which also reduces the fossil fuels you use.

Timber is an ideal substance for home construction and provides many notable advantages. Timber frame houses are affordable, environmentally friendly, and easily modified or crafted into your dream home. They are also durable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Keep timber frame houses from Dan-Wood on your list of options when building or buying your dream home.

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